Leasing products

The mechanism of lease financing allows carrying out of investment projects, putting in life production modernization, expansion of production without the operating assets diversion. 

Main leasing advantages are:

  • Attraction of long-term financing without additional  collaterals;
  • Income tax payments reduction due to the possibility to apply the mechanism of accelerated depreciation  to the leasing object;
  • Obtained equipment is on the books of the leasing company;
  • Unlimited volume of financing;
  • Individual leasing payments schedule with regard to business seasonality;
  • Possibility to get discounts from major suppliers;
  • Equipment insurance provided on favourable terms in insurance partner-companies;
  • Expenses on leasing payments are charged as a production cost thus reducing income tax base;
  •  Highly structured transactions are enforced via trade financing attraction.

Our Company implements leasing projects in various economic sectors. The Company’s specialists have developed a wide range of leasing products such as:

*Railway rolling stock leasing;

*Equipment leasing;

*Specialized machinery leasing;

*Watercraft leasing;

*Aircraft leasing;

*Commercial motor transport;

*Real estate leasing.

We offer the most favourable terms to our clients:

Amount of advance payment: from 0%;

Leasing period: from 2 to 10 years;

Leasing deal grand total: from RUR 100 million;

Currency of leasing contract: RUR, Euro, US Dollars

The terms of each leasing deal are agreed individually and offset lessee’s demands at most.

  • Railway rolling stock leasing

    Railway rolling stock leasing is one of the fast growing types of financial lease. LLC “ATB –Leasing” successfully carries out deals on railway rolling stock leasing. Our company offers flexible financing conditions which suit your business at most.

  • Equipment leasing

    Equipment leasing allows to pursue modernization or increasing company basic assets without involvement of large lump sum financial investments.

  • Specialized machinery leasing

    The development of modern economy in any country is impossible without building, municipal, road and agricultural machinery. Therefore it is so important for large companies to constantly renew their transportation fleet.

  • Watercraft leasing

    Watercraft leasing is the possibility to quickly and cost-effectively purchase means of transport much needed for business. Flexible system of interest rates and leasing payments schedule, individual approach to every client affords an opportunity to satisfy Customer’s various demands.

  • Aircraft leasing

    Company LLC “ATB –Leasing” offers to the client completion of leasing deals of an entire line-up of new and pre-owned aviation and helicopter machinery, cargo aircraft and aircrafts of business aviation as well.

  • Commercial motor transport leasing

    One of LLC “ATB –Leasing” business dimensions is the provision for lease all types of freight and passenger motor transport of domestic or foreign production. Lease financing can be provided both for purchase of new and pre-owned motor transport.

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